Doxa Detailing has its origins in 2006 when owner Joshua Brown began working at a car dealership as a Lot Attendant. There he was first introduced to the jaw-dropping transformative processes of detailing and paint correction. Intrigued, He became devoted to learning from those around him and working towards one day being a master level detailer. He owes a great debt to early mentors who showed him the ropes and gave him a long enough leash to make some mistakes and develop his ability into an art form. Joshua invested five years and thousands of hours in the dealership setting developing his craft in all areas of paint correction and detailing.


Though much good came from that time, Joshua became increasingly aware of certain deficiencies in the industry. A "good enough" mentality seemed to prevail- one in which the aim was to do just enough to pass the clients brief inspection. In an effort to maximise profit margins, many detailers opt for products that are economically sound yet quality deficient, as well as processes that are quicker but less thorough. The outcome has been more money in their pocket but less than stunning results for their valuable clients.


Becoming frustrated with this approach that limited his ability to care for clients' vehicles in a way that he would want someone to care for his, he began to dream of the day he would operate a detailing company where matchless excellence in every area would be the standard.



What was then a dream is now a reality. Doxa's unique approach to detailing combines a commitment to go above and beyond both in the work itself and the deeply personal client care that compliments it. This garnered an immediate loyal clientele. Doxa has had the privilege of working on some of the most beautiful vehicles in the world and travelling across Canada to care for their clients' cars. Most importantly, Doxa has served their clients in such a way that breeds a deep trust, produces stunning results, and communicates that each client is valuable to them. 


We approach every detailing project as if it is our own car, and as if you are our only client. We believe there are no shortcuts to excellence.We take the time necessary to ensure top notch quality, and our equipment and products are of the highest calibre.

At Doxa Detailing we believe that every vehicle on the road is one-of-a-kind. Each vehicle has a unique personality, look, feel and need. More than any of these, each vehicle is special because it's your vehicle! You love it and cherish it; you have invested into it and cared for it. We want to be your professional partners in making your vehicle all that it can be. We want to get to know you, the driver, just as much as your vehicle. We want to understand the things that matter to you most so that we can best serve your needs.


We approach each vehicle wanting to know its history (where it has been, how it has been cared for in the past) and its future (what your plans are for it, and how we can customise a care plan to maintain it exactly how you would like). We want to bring our expertise alongside your passion for your vehicle, and together bring out the brilliance of your ride. In short, we want to help you have the most exhilarating and fulfilling driving experience ever!


Doxa Detailing is your #1 choice for professional, top shelf mobile detailing services.  We know that the integrity and excellence with which we approach our work today will dictate the success of our business tomorrow. Consequently we strive for unparalleled detail and unrivalled customer service. Sparkling cars and satisfied clients are the dual marks of all our work.


More than our passion for clean cars is our passion for a clean reputation as trustworthy, hardworking, servant-hearted people. We are all about building long-term relationships with our clients and becoming your service provider of choice for all your detailing needs. Get in touch with us and experience the Doxa difference today.