The cell phone is silenced, the heavens offer up a perfect mixture of sun and cloud that envelops you like a blanket of warmth. The greens are manicured to perfection, and you're shooting birdie after birdie while the birdies cheer you on from the trees. The dining room will have a steak lunch grilled to perfection for you after you swap your cleats for your loafers, and a frigid beer will send the afternoon over the top. What could possibly make this day any better? One thing: returning to your chariot in the parking lot to find it glistening on the outside and spotless on the inside. 

That last part? That's where we come in. This Summer, enjoy top tier detailing services with ultimate convenience. Book your appointment now, and drop us your keys when you pull up. Once you're done with your round and meal, enjoy your ride home in a transformed car.

Call (647) 772-2773 or email info@doxadetailing.com if you have any questions and we'd be happy to help!

  • 45 min

    From $60
  • 2 hr

    from $175
  • 4 hr

    from $350
  • 6 hr

    from $470