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Audi R8
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C.F.C. (Care-Free Care)

We offer weekly and bi-weekly maintenance packages and each visit includes:

- Safe exterior wash

- Safe exterior dry

- Rim, tire and wheel well treatment

- Tire dressing

- Door jamb detail

- Full interior spray 'n wipe

- Full interior vacuum

- Pedal detail

- Spot shampoo

- Trunk vaccuum

- Ultra-clear windows

0.75-1.25 hours

Starting at $80

Think of us like your cars live in nanny

Do you want your car cared for but don't have the time to do it yourself? Our ultra convenient service comes to you wherever you are and maintains your vehicles' immaculate condition so that whether its gloomy or sunny you'll always be shining. Experience the difference a clean environment will make in your life. Clean is the colour of success!