Porsche's in the Graveyard?

Have you ever been to an automotive graveyard? I have. When I was younger, my brother and I would frequent one in our area whenever we needed a part for one of our cars. It always amazed me that these cars were at one time the subject of the spotlight, being undressed before the world from beneath a silky sheet and peered on by reporters and enthusiasts. They now sat naked and rusty, sandwiched below and above by a competing manufacturers cars- the very cars that it was supposed to out last and out perform. There they all faced the same fate, now garnering only the attention of some handyman looking for a spare part to rip off.

Over the years we had many makes of cars in our family. For any of these we could easily find a needed part at the graveyard. As I walked through the aisles of that facility, however, there was one marque that I never saw: Porsche. Cars landed at the graveyard because they had ceased to serve the purpose for which they were built. Most cars on the road are merely functional with just enough form to encase the moving parts. It stands to reason, then, that once they have ceased to function they have ceased to be useful and are then tossed aside and replaced by a younger relative.

Porsche’s are different. A Porsche is a high performance painting; a zero-to-sixty-in-two-point-something-second sculpture. A carve-the-corner-like-a-turkey poem. In short, a Porsche is a fast rolling piece of art. Art always has something to say. Its message is its function. This is why Porsche’s don’t get discarded like automobiles that exist just to get you from point A to point B. Once at point B the rubber on a Porsche has just warmed up and it still has the rest of the alphabet to get to.

Porsche owners understand that they are temporary stewards of a piece of art- a museum of sorts- featuring an exhibit in their garage for a time. Once their season has come to a close the piece will move on to the next showroom. It is for this reason that I consider myself more a curator than a detailer.

I’ve had the privilege of working on and maintaining some of the finest automobiles in the world. As I approach these pieces of art, each one of my senses is overwhelmed. The zeitgeist of the era is welded into every substrate. The heart and passion of the designer is worn on its sleeve. The sound of its soul roars through the exhaust pipes. The scent of every road trip lingers in the air. Every voluptuous curve reflects light giving it a brilliant aura- a halo of sorts.

My duty, therefore, is to customize an approach to car care that takes in to account both today and the distant tomorrow; to use products that promote the longevity of every surface; to protect from the onslaught of the elements and the asphalt; to increase the enjoyment of the owner with every pass of the polisher and every swipe of the microfibre cloth.

I have, since 2006, been on a quest for the best tools, chemicals and techniques to care for the best cars. Having spent thousands of hours in research and testing, I am happy to commend that which is best for your car and therefore best for you.

Would you like to learn to care for your prized possession like a pro? To know industry tips and tricks? To be educated on best practices and tools? To understand what to look for when hiring a professional detailer?

We are always happy to share our acquired knowledge with the community. If you and a group of friends are interested in hosting a car care clinic, do get in touch so we can take your car care game to the next level and in turn your enjoyment of your beloved Porsche.

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